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[ hahrt-beet ]


, Physiology.
  1. a pulsation of the heart, including one complete systole and diastole.


/ ˈhɑːtˌbiːt /


  1. one complete pulsation of the heart See diastole systole

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Word History and Origins

Origin of heartbeat1

First recorded in 1840–50; heart + beat

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Example Sentences

I tried to hear the heartbeats and stuff, but … that was one thing I couldn’t share with her.

From Vox

She considers this period of light sleep, in which your heartbeat and breathing slow and your muscles relax, “the reset button of sleep.”

The result is soothing documentation of process, the real heartbeat of home cooking.

From Eater

The company has even given it a faint heartbeat sound you can hear and feel when you snuggle it.

Qoobo’s other clever trick is a quiet heartbeat that triggers when squeezed.

He became delirious, his heartbeat grew ragged, his blood teemed with the virus, and his lungs, liver and kidneys began to fail.

It has its own heartbeat and a sincerity and entertainment value, and is quite uplifting.

Heartbleed is named after where it was found in OpenSSL's code: an extension controlling something called the “heartbeat.”

When I got there, the heartbeat was around 67 and the blood pressure was 55.

But after Stonewall, the Village had a big 1970s as the heartbeat of gay America.

The rate of respiration, of heartbeat, and the body temperature are all higher in the bird than in man.

If Doc Collins had been unable to find a heartbeat in her he'd have fainted—and spread the news all over town!

He had to slow metabolism down, ease his heartbeat, lower his body temperature, dull his racing brain.

Slow down heartbeat and respiration till their ordinary senses couldn't detect them.

Ready conversers are people who give their thought to others in abundance; who make others feel a familiar heartbeat.


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