[ hahr-tid ]


  1. having a specified feeling, mood, personality trait, or kind of heart (now used only in combination):



  2. fixed or present in the heart.



  1. having a heart or disposition as specified





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Other Words From

  • heart·ed·ly adverb
  • heart·ed·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hearted1

First recorded in 1175–1225, hearted is from the Middle English word iherted. See y-, heart, -ed 3

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Example Sentences

The boy was celebrating a football win with family at time of shootingPeyton James Evans, a big-hearted 8-year-old known as “PJ,” was particularly happy earlier this week at an apartment with family in the Landover area.

It’s referring to an interview Lopez’s first husband Ojani Noa had just given in the tabloids, where he referred to her as cold-hearted.

From Vox

The place, the people, and the culture are what have shaped me into who I am today, and to see so much of the country and so much of my family lost in this battle, has made me more heavy-hearted than ever.

From Time

She is a sweet, good-hearted person, and we never want to hurt her feelings.

The missed opportunity was part of a broader pattern of botched or half-hearted responses to the growing menace of ransomware, which during the pandemic has disabled businesses, schools, hospitals, and government agencies across the country.

Both Edgar and Julio shared the same smile and light-hearted manner that I remembered and appreciated from years ago.

In the House, Republicans passed the budget by 219-206 with the warm-hearted help of 57 Democrats.

And its mean-hearted message, in my opinion, has corrupted the social gospel.

Smart, so smart, and darkly handsome; a practical joker, large-hearted and fun.

You play a sweet, soft-hearted mom in the film and John C. Reilly is the strict rule-enforcer.

The simple honest-hearted General, who knew not the guile of their hearts, was deluded into wishing them success.

But his head was too hot to wear a thinking cap, and no story would come at his half-hearted call.

He was a big-bodied, big-hearted, ruddy-faced, farmerlike man of fifty or so; and the service was proud of him.

The last vestige of her prejudice against Indians had melted and gone, in the presence of their simple-hearted friendliness.

Your father is not a hard hearted man; when his passion is over he will be the first to want you back.


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More About Hearted

What does hearted mean?

Hearted is used in compound words to mean “having a specific type of personality or trait.” The word that precedes hearted indicates the type of personality or trait, as in hardhearted or warm-hearted.

Hearted can also be used by itself to mean “present in the heart,” but this usage is very rare.

Example: Tim’s so kindhearted that he gave his coat to a homeless man on his walk home today.

Where does hearted come from?

Hearted is an old word, originating in Middle English and first recorded in English around 1200. It has had several meanings throughout the years. Obsolete meanings include “wise” (1400s), “courageous” (1500s), and “heart-shaped” (1700s–1800s). A fairly rare modern sense of hearted is used to describe vegetables that have an inner compact part called a heart, such as cabbage.

Most commonly, however, hearted refers to a human heart. In English, heart is used not only to refer to the literal organ but also for a wide range of figurative meanings. Usually, these refer to the emotional center of a person or to a person’s overall personality. It’s this meaning of hearted that can be paired with all sorts of adjectives, both positive or negative, to produce adjectives that describe a person or an action. A person can be cold-hearted (cruel) or warm-hearted (kind), tender-hearted (compassionate) or hardhearted (unfeeling or unmerciful), lighthearted (carefree) or sad-hearted (sorrowful). (As you can see, use of a hyphen varies.)

You can also use these derived adjectives to create adverbs by adding -ly, as in She told me cold-heartedly that she never wanted to see me again.

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What are some other forms of hearted?

  • heartedly (adverb)

What are some synonyms for hearted?

What are some words that share a root or word element with hearted?


What are some words that often get used in discussing hearted?


How is hearted used in real life?

When used to describe a personality or action, hearted is always used in combination with another word. In all cases, it refers to the popular notion of the heart as the center of human emotion.



Try using hearted!

Is hearted used correctly in the following sentence?

We are looking for a teacher who is very kindness-hearted.

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