[ heym-dahl ]

nounScandinavian Mythology.
  1. the god of dawn and light.

Origin of Heimdall

<Old Norse Heimdallr, equivalent to heim(r) home, world + dallr, perhaps cognate with Old English deall bold, renowned
  • Also Heimdal, Heim·dallr [heym-dahl-er]. /ˈheɪmˌdɑl ər/.

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How to use Heimdall in a sentence

  • Heimdall and Loki came face to face, and each slew the other.

    Asgard Stories | Mary H. Foster and Mabel H. Cummings
  • Heimdall was not permitted to marry, lest any care for wife or children might interrupt his unceasing watchfulness.

    The Student's Mythology | Catherine Ann White

British Dictionary definitions for Heimdall


Heimdal Heimdallr (ˈheɪmˌdɑːlə)

/ (ˈheɪmˌdɑːl) /

  1. Norse myth the god of light and the dawn, and the guardian of the rainbow bridge Bifrost

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