noun Scandinavian Mythology.

the god of dawn and light.

Also Heim·dal, Heim·dallr [heym-dahl-er] /ˈheɪmˌdɑl ər/.

Origin of Heimdall

< Old Norse Heimdallr, equivalent to heim(r) home, world + dallr, perhaps cognate with Old English deall bold, renowned
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Historical Examples of heimdall

  • Heimdall was speaking sharply, for he did not altogether like the stranger's look.

    Told by the Northmen:

    E. M. [Ethel Mary] Wilmot-Buxton

  • "The others may go, but you may not go that way, Thor," said Heimdall.

  • Heimdall held in his hands the horn that was called the Gialarhorn.

  • Gulveig the Witch came into Asgard, for Heimdall might not forbid her entrance.

  • But Heimdall was glad to see them; glad, at least, for their sakes.

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Heimdal Heimdallr (ˈheɪmˌdɑːlə)


Norse myth the god of light and the dawn, and the guardian of the rainbow bridge Bifrost
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