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The Silent Generation is the generation born between 1925–1945. Here are the words they think describe their generation.

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Idioms about home

Origin of home

First recorded before 900; noun and adverb; Middle English hom, Old English hām; cognate with Dutch heim, Old Norse heimr, Danish hjem, Swedish hem, German Heim “home,” Gothic haims “village”; akin to haunt

synonym study for home

1. See house.

usage note for home

See hone in.


min·i·home, noun


home , house (see synonym study at house)

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[ hyoom ]
/ hyum /

Lord. Douglas-Home.
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What is a basic definition of home?

Home is a noun that refers to the place where a person or animal lives. Home can also mean a location where something is native or very common. Home is also used as an adverb to describe something that occurs to, toward, or at a home. Home has many other senses as a noun, adjective, and adverb.

The place where you live is your home. Animals also have homes. A nest is a bee’s home, for example.

Home is a synonym of the word house. However, home is often used to imply that a person is emotionally attached to the place they live and feels a sense of comfort there. While house can also refer to an empty building, home usually describes a building that is occupied.

  • Real-life examples: Houses, apartments, and condominiums are buildings that are used for homes. Animals make their homes in water, trees, caves, grass, underground, and elsewhere.
  • Used in a sentence: I invited my friends to a party at my home. 

Home can also refer to a place where something is common or originates from.

  • Real-life examples: The United States is the home of baseball. Israel is home to many religious sites. Social media is the home of most of our favorite Internet memes.
  • Used in a sentence: Japan is the home of my heart. 

As an adverb, home describes something that is happening at a home or happening to a home.

  • Real-life examples: When school is over, children go home. When people are sick, they might decide to stay home and not go to work. Military spouses often wait for their partners to return home.
  • Used in a sentence: She waited for her brother to come home before ordering pizza.

Where does home come from?

The first records of home come from before the 900s. It comes from the Old English word hām, both as a noun and adverb. The Old English word is related to words for home in other languages, such as the Dutch heim, the Old Norse heimr, and the German Heim.

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How is home used in real life?

Home is a common word that is most often used to refer to places where people live.

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Which of the following is NOT a synonym for home?

A. apartment
B. mansion
C. office
D. cabin

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British Dictionary definitions for home (1 of 2)

Derived forms of home

homelike, adjective

Word Origin for home

Old English hām; related to Old Norse heimr, Gothic haims, Old High German heim, Dutch heem, Greek kōmi village

British Dictionary definitions for home (2 of 2)

/ (hjuːm) /

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