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[ hohm-lahyk ]


  1. like or suggestive of home; familiar; warmly comfortable.

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Other Words From

  • homelikeness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of homelike1

First recorded in 1810–20; home + -like

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Synonym Study

See homely.

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Example Sentences

The Castle Hotel, where we stopped, was a very old inn, yet it proved unexpectedly homelike and comfortable.

He was pleasantly tired in mind and body, and the warm homelike room caressed his senses.

It was just such a tidy, rather vulgar and homelike room as no doubt Harvey would picture for his own home.

Already the place was assuming a homelike air, and the long room had contracted into intimacy.

Before night the study looked as homelike as the old room had at the preparatory school.


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More About Homelike

What does homelike mean?

Homelike is used to describe places that feel like a home, especially one’s own home.

In many cases, it means the same thing as homey, which is used to describe a place as cozy, comfortable, and inviting.

A person might try to make their place (or a particular room in it) more homelike, typically by decorating it in a way that makes it cozier or more comfortable. Homelike can also be used to describe a place that’s not a home but that’s comfortable and inviting like your own home, such as a hotel room.

Example: The new fireplace makes the living room feel so homelike.

Where does homelike come from?

The first records of the word homelike come from the 1600s. The suffix -like is used to form adjectives. Homelike means “like a home,” but it especially means “like one’s own home.”

Everyone has a different idea of what makes a place homelike, and people have different ways of making their space homelike. This often involves adding things to make a space cozier, such as rugs, curtains, candles, artwork, and plants. However, a space can be made more homelike in other ways, such as by the presence of a loved one.

Homelike should not be confused with homely, which is most commonly used as a way to describe someone as unattractive.

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How is homelike used in real life?

Homelike is not that commonly used—it’s much more common to describe a space as homey. Both terms can be used to describe one’s own home, a room in it, or a space that feels as cozy or inviting as one’s own home.


Try using homelike!

Which of the following words would be used to describe a space that’s considered homelike?

A. comfortable
B. inviting
C. warm
D. all of the above




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