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(tr, adverb) a dialect variant of heel in
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Word Origin for hele in

Old English helian hide

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What does hele in mean?

Hele in is a dialect variant of the phrase heel in, which means to insert a plant into soil to keep it moist prior to planting it in its permanent spot, as in I didn’t have time to plant my orange trees immediately so I made sure they were heled in until I was ready to plant them.

A plant would be heled in rather than planted immediately mostly because of poor weather conditions. If a plant with bare roots (no soil on the roots) is planted immediately in very hot or very cold weather, it could die very quickly from dehydration or frozen roots. Instead, the plant is heled in—put in a temporary trench of moist soil until it can be properly planted.

Example: I heled in my new hedges until the weather warmed up enough for proper planting.

Where does hele in come from?

The phrase hele in has been used since at least the 1800s. It comes from the Old English helian, meaning “to hide.” In a manner of speaking, when you hele in a plant, you are “hiding” it from bad conditions until it can be planted in a good spot.

Hele in is much less commonly used than heel in. It hasn’t seen much use in over 100 years and even when it was used in botany or horticulture texts, authors often had to explain what it meant.

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How is hele in used in real life?

Hele in is a variation of heel in, which means to insert cuttings into the soil before planting in order to keep them moist.


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If you hele in a plant, you are digging it out of the ground because it is a weed or is dead.

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