[hi-lahy-uh-kuh l]
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adjective Astronomy.
  1. pertaining to or occurring near the sun, especially applied to such risings and settings of a star as are most nearly coincident with those of the sun while yet visible.
Also he·li·ac [hee-lee-ak] /ˈhi liˌæk/.

Origin of heliacal

1600–10; < Late Latin hēliac(us) (< Greek hēliakós; see heli-1, -ac) + -al1
Related formshe·li·a·cal·ly, adverb
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cosmic, stellar, empyreal, heliacal

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Word Origin and History for heliacal

"pertaining to the sun," c.1600, with -al (1) and Greek heliakos "of the sun," from helios "sun" (see sol). The heliacal year is reckoned from the heliacal rising of Sirius; thus it also is known as the canicular year.

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