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[ hel-fahyuhr ]


  1. the fire of hell.
  2. punishment in hell.
  3. Hellfire, Military. a laser-guided U.S. Army antiarmor missile designed for launch from a helicopter.


/ ˈhɛlˌfaɪə /


  1. the torment and punishment of hell, envisaged as eternal fire
  2. modifier characterizing sermons or preachers that emphasize this aspect of Christian belief

    hellfire evangelism

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hellfire1

First recorded before 1000; Middle English, Old English helle fȳr; hell, fire

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Example Sentences

Satan inspired lowbrow humor as well as fear of hellfire, and he held widespread popular fascination, appearing in folk tales and ministers’ sermons alike.

As he backed his car into the cramped courtyard of his home a few miles from the airport, hours after his conversation with Han, a drone dropped a single Hellfire missile squarely on its target.

From Time

The new Lorna Shore song, “To the Hellfire,” is a torture test for even the best earbuds with its mixture of goblin-style growls, downtuned guitars, and machine-gun drums that can quickly turn into a muddy mess.

I’ve grown up in church most of my life, and it felt suffocating trying to explore my sexuality when everything I was being taught told me my feelings were sinful and I would “burn in hellfire” for them.

You're going to have hellfire come down on you from the media and these corporations, so you have to stand your ground.

William Lloyd Garrison was probably the most prominent leader who relied on the effectiveness of hellfire.

Some lawmakers were more hellfire-and-brimstone than others.

The Apache then let off some Hellfire missiles and its 30mm cannon and 'boom'.

The pilot locks a $60,000 Hellfire missile onto his target and fires.

Details are still fuzzy, but the official states that a Hellfire missile was fired on Awlaki's convoy.

A gentleman commoner of Queen's was president of a 'hellfire club,' and brutal horseplay was still practised upon the weaker lads.

"Hellfire Herbert" got his horse shot under him when they were within about 200 yards.

Philippe's eyes flashed hellfire, one instant; but the next instant it was gone, and he sat impassive, Brummellean-polite.

An order of the English council was issued to suppress Hellfire clubs.

There'd have to be hellfire before anybody'd believe my story.


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