[ hel-uh t, hee-luh t ]
/ ˈhɛl ət, ˈhi lət /


a member of the lowest class in ancient Laconia, constituting a body of serfs who were bound to the land and were owned by the state.Compare Perioeci, Spartiate.
(lowercase) a serf or slave; bondman.

Origin of Helot

1570–80; < Latin hēlōtēs (plural) < Greek heílōtes

Related forms

hel·ot·age, noun
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/ (ˈhɛlət, ˈhiː-) /


(in ancient Greece, esp Sparta) a member of the class of unfree men above slaves owned by the state
(usually not capital) a serf or slave

Word Origin for Helot

C16: from Latin Hēlotēs, from Greek Heilōtes, alleged to have meant originally: inhabitants of Helos, who, after its conquest, were serfs of the Spartans
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