[ hel-uh-tiz-uhm, hee-luh- ]
/ ˈhɛl əˌtɪz əm, ˈhi lə- /


the state or quality of being a helot; serfdom.
Ecology. the subordinate organisms in an unequal symbiotic relationship.

Origin of helotism

First recorded in 1815–25; Helot + -ism
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British Dictionary definitions for helotism

/ (ˈhɛləˌtɪzəm, ˈhiː-) /


the condition or quality of being a Helot
a sociopolitical system in which a class, minority, nation, etc, is held in a state of subjection
zoology another name for dulosis
Also called (for senses 1, 2): helotage
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