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  1. as an inference from this fact; for this reason; therefore: The eggs were very fresh and hence satisfactory.

  2. from this time; from now: They will leave a month hence.

  1. from this source or origin.

  2. Archaic.

    • from this place; from here; away: The inn is but a quarter mile hence.

    • from this world or from the living: After a long, hard life they were taken hence.

    • henceforth; from this time on.

  1. Obsolete. depart (usually used imperatively).

Origin of hence

First recorded in 1225–75; Middle English hens, hennes, equivalent to henne (Old English heonan ) + -es adverb suffix; see -s1

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/ (hɛns) /

sentence connector
  1. for this reason; following from this; therefore

  1. from this time: a year hence

  2. archaic

    • from here or from this world; away

    • from this origin or source

  1. archaic begone! away!

Origin of hence

Old English hionane; related to Old High German hinana away from here, Old Irish cen on this side

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