[het-er-uh-sahy-klik, -sik-lik]

adjective Chemistry.

of or relating to the branch of chemistry dealing with cyclic compounds in which at least one of the ring members is not a carbon atom (contrasted with homocyclic).
noting such compounds, as ethylene oxide, C2H4O.

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Origin of heterocyclic

First recorded in 1895–1900; hetero- + cyclic

Related formshet·er·o·cy·cle [het-er-uh-sahy-kuh l] /ˈhɛt ər əˌsaɪ kəl/, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for heterocyclic



(of an organic compound) containing a closed ring of atoms, at least one of which is not a carbon atomCompare homocyclic
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Medicine definitions for heterocyclic


[hĕt′ə-rō-sīklĭk, -sĭklĭk]


Containing more than one kind of atom joined in a ring.

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Science definitions for heterocyclic


[hĕt′ə-rō-sīklĭk, -sĭklĭk]

Of or relating to a compound containing a closed ring structure made of more than one kind of atom. Pyridine (C5H5N), for example, is a heterocyclic compound, as its ring contains five carbon atoms and one nitrogen atom. Compare homocyclic.
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