[ het-er-uh-dahyn ]

  1. noting or pertaining to a method of changing the frequency of an incoming radio signal by adding it to a signal generated within the receiver to produce fluctuations or beats of a frequency equal to the difference between the two signals.

verb (used without object),het·er·o·dyned, het·er·o·dyn·ing.
  1. to produce a heterodyne effect.

verb (used with object),het·er·o·dyned, het·er·o·dyn·ing.
  1. to mix (a frequency) with a different frequency so as to achieve a heterodyne effect.

Origin of heterodyne

1905–10; hetero- + -dyne<Greek dýnamis power

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British Dictionary definitions for heterodyne


/ (ˈhɛtərəʊˌdaɪn) /

  1. electronics to combine by intermodulation (two alternating signals, esp radio signals) to produce two signals having frequencies corresponding to the sum and the difference of the original frequencies: See also superheterodyne receiver

  1. produced by, operating by, or involved in heterodyning two signals

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