[ het-er-uh-gam-eet, -uh-roh-guh-meet ]
/ ˌhɛt ər əˈgæm it, -ə roʊ gəˈmit /

noun Cell Biology.

either of a pair of conjugating gametes differing in form, size, structure, or sex.
Compare isogamete.

Origin of heterogamete

First recorded in 1895–1900; hetero- + gamete
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British Dictionary definitions for heterogamete


/ (ˌhɛtərəʊɡæˈmiːt) /


a gamete that differs in size and form from the one with which it unites in fertilizationCompare isogamete
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Medicine definitions for heterogamete


[ hĕt′ə-rō-gămēt′, -gə-mēt ]


Either of two conjugating gametes that differ in structure or behavior, such as the small motile male spermatozoon and the larger nonmotile female ovum.
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