the dissolution of the cells of one organism by the lysins of anotherCompare autolysis
Also called: heterolytic fission chem the dissociation of a molecule into two ions with opposite chargesCompare homolysis

Derived Formsheterolytic (ˌhɛtərəʊˈlɪtɪk), adjective
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heterolysis in Medicine


[hĕt′ə-rŏlĭ-sĭs, -ə-rō-līsĭs]

n. pl. het•er•ol•y•ses (-sēz′)

Dissolution or digestion of cells or proteins from one species by a lytic agent from a different species.
Related formshet′er•o•lytic (-ə-rō-lĭtĭk) adj.
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