or Het·tie

[ het-ee ]


  1. a female given name, form of Hester or Esther.

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Example Sentences

Edward served on the board of a bank; Hetty invested in U.S. government bonds and railroads.

She was born Hetty Robinson into a wealthy New Bedford, Mass., clan whose tensions undoubtedly shaped her quirky character.

Hetty Green died in 1916, worth some $100 million (about $2.5 billion today).

That dichotomy is intriguing for people: that confidence that Hetty has in herself and in her beloved agents.

"He's a mystery to me," Mrs. Hetty Hills always appended after a mention of him.

I had the remarkable experience of meeting the man who was afterward the husband of Hetty Green.

Sylvia and Hetty had been asleep during the latter part of the journey, but Betty still sat bolt upright and wide awake.

She then gave her spade to Sylvia, who did likewise; then Hetty, in her turn, also planted a clump of heather.

She was absent for about twenty minutes, during which time both Sylvia and Hetty felt exceedingly cold.





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