[ hawr-ee, hohr-ee ]
/ ˈhɔr i, ˈhoʊr i /

adjective, hoar·i·er, hoar·i·est.

gray or white with age: an old dog with a hoary muzzle.
ancient or venerable: hoary myths.
tedious from familiarity; stale: Please don't tell that hoary joke at dinner again tonight.

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Origin of hoary

First recorded in 1520–30; hoar + -y1

1. grizzled, grizzly; hoar. 2. old, dated, aged; venerated, revered.

Related formshoar·i·ly, adverbhoar·i·ness, nounun·hoar·y, adjective

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/ (ˈhɔːrɪ) /

adjective hoarier or hoariest

having grey or white hair
white or whitish-grey in colour
ancient or venerable
Derived Formshoarily, adverbhoariness, noun

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Word Origin and History for hoary



1510s, "gray or white with age" (of hair); c.1600 as "venerable, ancient;" from hoar + -y (2). Related: Hoariness.

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