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[ hob-ee-ist ]


  1. a person who engages in a hobby, an interest or activity pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as one’s main occupation:

    The state’s 500 beekeepers range from hobbyists to mom-and-pop businesses to large commercial operations.

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Example Sentences

Consumers have been spending significantly more time watching and reading the news, participating in hobbies, and engaging with TV, movies, and games at home.

Whether it’s a hobby or simply a means to get farther into the mountains, you can make it safer, easier, and more comfortable with the right equipment.

Woodworking had been his favorite hobby since college, when he’d refinished a dining room table for his future wife, he said.

Think about how you can incorporate more time for better social relationships, fitness, hobbies, or volunteering.

She’s writing a blog and pursuing other hobbies before deciding her next move.

From Fortune

So why is one considered fine art and the other the harmless pastime of a hobbyist?

He portrays himself as a mere hobbyist: "I audited a class," he tells a friend.

In fact, though, Magritte is channeling the techniques of a mediocre hobbyist or sign painter, and translating them into fine art.

Glaring down at the hobbyist, Stonecypher gripped the staff and rotated thick wrists outward.

Dan's index finger failed to reach the trigger, for a guardian machine gun removed the hobbyist's head in a short efficient burst.

The moment you become a tradesman you cease to be a hobbyist.


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