[ hoh-moh-i-rot-uh-siz-uhm ]

  1. the use of symbolism, allusions, situations, etc., involving sexual attraction or activity between people of the same gender in art, literature, drama, or the like: Wilde's first novel was attacked for its homoeroticism and decadence.

  2. sexual attraction to people of one's own gender; homosexuality: She was not ready to confront her own unexplored homoeroticism.

Origin of homoeroticism

First recorded in 1915–20; homo- + eroticism
  • Also ho·mo·er·o·tism [hoh-moh-er-uh-tiz-uhm]. /ˌhoʊ moʊˈɛr əˌtɪz əm/.

Other words from homoeroticism

  • ho·mo·e·rot·ic [hoh-moh-i-rot-ik], /ˌhoʊ moʊ ɪˈrɒt ɪk/, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for homoeroticism


homoerotism (ˌhəʊməʊˈɛrəˌtɪzəm)

/ (ˌhəʊməʊɪˈrɒtɪˌsɪzəm) /

  1. eroticism centred on or aroused by persons of one's own sex

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