[ huh-moj-uh-nahy-zey-shuhn, hoh- ]
/ həˌmɒdʒ ə naɪˈzeɪ ʃən, hoʊ- /
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the act or process of blending unlike elements:Industrial composting is a complex process, requiring sieves, shredders, equipment for mixing and homogenization, aeration systems, filters, scrubbers, and control systems.
the act or process of emulsifying, especially milk or cream:Whole milk is pumped into storage silos where it undergoes pasteurization, homogenization, separation, butterfat adjustment, and vitamin fortification.
the act or process of making something more uniform or similar:A major ecological dilemma stems from the homogenization of agricultural systems, namely the increased vulnerability of crops to pests, diseases, and climatic variability.As trends of gentrification and homogenization continue in New York, a solution is needed to preserve the individuality of the city's neighborhoods.
Metallurgy. the act or process of subjecting metal to high temperatures to ensure uniform diffusion of components:The lab is developing a computational approach to improve the homogenization and heat treatment of solid substitutional alloys.
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Also especially British, ho·mo·gen·i·sa·tion .

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