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[ huh-moj-uh-nahyz, hoh- ]

verb (used with object)

, ho·mog·e·nized, ho·mog·e·niz·ing.
  1. to form by blending unlike elements; make homogeneous.
  2. to prepare an emulsion, as by reducing the size of the fat globules in (milk or cream) in order to distribute them equally throughout.
  3. to make uniform or similar, as in composition or function:

    to homogenize school systems.

  4. Metallurgy. to subject (metal) to high temperature to ensure uniform diffusion of components.

verb (used without object)

, ho·mog·e·nized, ho·mog·e·niz·ing.
  1. to become homogenized.


/ hɒˈmɒdʒɪˌnaɪz /


  1. tr to break up the fat globules in (milk or cream) so that they are evenly distributed
  2. to make or become homogeneous
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Derived Forms

  • hoˈmogeˌnizer, noun
  • hoˌmogeniˈzation, noun
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Other Words From

  • ho·mog·e·ni·za·tion [h, uh, -moj-, uh, -nahy-, zey, -sh, uh, n, hoh-], noun
  • ho·mog·e·niz·er noun
  • o·ver·ho·mog·e·nize verb (used with object) overhomogenized overhomogenizing
  • un·ho·mog·e·nized adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of homogenize1

First recorded in 1885–90; homogen(eous) + -ize
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Example Sentences

A common refrain from other sports is that they’ve become too homogenized in their dominant strategies, whether it involves the rise of three true outcome-based rosters in baseball or 3-point-shooting teams in basketball.

Filled-corners pick and rolls constitute a sizable segment of the overall pick-and-roll revolution currently homogenizing offensive aesthetics across the NBA.


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