[ huh-mop-ter-uh s, hoh- ]
/ həˈmɒp tər əs, hoʊ- /


belonging or pertaining to the Homoptera, an order of insects closely related to the hemipterous insects (in some classifications a suborder of Hemiptera) but having membranous forewings and hind wings, including the aphids, cicadas, leafhoppers, planthoppers, and scale insects.

Origin of homopterous

1820–30; < New Latin Homopter(a) (neuter plural of homopterus < Greek homópteros) + -ous. See homo-, -pterous
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/ (həʊˈmɒptərəs) /


of, relating to, or belonging to the Homoptera, a suborder of hemipterous insects, including cicadas, aphids, and scale insects, having wings of a uniform texture held over the back at restCompare heteropterous

Word Origin for homopterous

C19: from Greek homopteros, from homo- + pteron wing
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