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noun, plural hon·es·ties.
  1. the quality or fact of being honest; uprightness and fairness.
  2. truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness.
  3. freedom from deceit or fraud.
  4. Botany. a plant, Lunaria annua, of the mustard family, having clusters of purple flowers and semitransparent, satiny pods.
  5. Obsolete. chastity.

Origin of honesty

1300–50; Middle English honeste < Middle French < Latin honestās. See honest, -ty2
Related formso·ver·hon·es·ty, noun

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1. integrity, probity, rectitude. See honor. 2. candor, veracity.

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noun plural -ties
  1. the condition of being honest
  2. sincerity or fairness
  3. archaic virtue or respect
  4. Also called: moonwort, satinpod a purple-flowered SE European plant, Lunaria annua, cultivated for its flattened silvery pods, which are used for indoor decoration: family Brassicaceae (crucifers)
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Word Origin and History for honesty

early 14c., "splendor, honor; elegance," later "honorable position; propriety of behavior, good manners; virginity, chastity" (late 14c.), from Old French honesté (Modern French honnêteté), from Latin honestatem (nominative honestas) "honor received from others; reputation, character;" figuratively "uprightness, probity, integrity, virtue," from honestus (see honest). Meaning "moral purity, uprightness, virtue, justness" is from c.1400; in English, the word originally had more to do with honor than honest.

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