[ on-uh-rer-ee ]
/ ˈɒn əˌrɛr i /


given for honor only, without the usual requirements, duties, privileges, emoluments, etc.: The university presented the new governor with an honorary degree.
holding a title or position conferred for honor only: an honorary president.
(of an obligation) depending on one's honor for fulfillment.
conferring or commemorating honor or distinction.
given, made, or serving as a token of honor: an honorary gift.

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Origin of honorary

First recorded in 1605–15, honorary is from the Latin word honōrārius relating to honor. See honor, -ary

Related formshon·or·ar·i·ly [on-uh-rair-uh-lee] /ˌɒn əˈrɛər ə li/, adverb

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British Dictionary definitions for honorarily


/ (ˈɒnərərɪ, ˈɒnrərɪ) /

adjective (usually prenominal)

  1. (esp of a position, title, etc) held or given only as an honour, without the normal privileges or dutiesan honorary degree
  2. (of a secretary, treasurer, etc) unpaid
having such a position or title
depending on honour rather than legal agreement
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Word Origin and History for honorarily



early 17c., from honor + -ary; possibly influenced by French honoraire, Latin honorarius "pertaining to honor, honorary."

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