[ hoo-rey ]
/ hʊˈreɪ /

interjection, verb (used without object), noun

Also hoo·rah [hoo-rah] /hʊˈrɑ/.

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[ huh-rah, -raw ]
/ həˈrɑ, -ˈrɔ /


(used as an exclamation of joy, exultation, appreciation, encouragement, or the like.)

verb (used without object)

to shout “hurrah.”


an exclamation of “hurrah.”
hubbub; commotion; fanfare.
a colorful or tumultuous event; spectacle or celebration: We celebrated the centennial with a three-day hurrah.
Also hur·ray [huh-rey] /həˈreɪ/, hooray, hoorah.

Origin of hurrah

First recorded in 1680–90, hurrah is from the German word hurra
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Examples from the Web for hoorah

  • Now here's all this hoorah about his bein' put up for Congress!

    Heart's Desire|Emerson Hough
  • Well, if the hoorah had started there 'stead of here there'd be dead people now back of us more'n there is now.

    The Covered Wagon|Emerson Hough
  • I've taken all comers 'twixt Hoorah and Hackenny, and he ain't let me down yet.

  • "It ain't wuth a hoorah in a hen-pen if it ain't run as a tavern," stated the Cap'n.

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/ (huːˈreɪ) /

interjection, noun, verb

a variant of hurrah


Also: hooroo (huːˈruː) Australian and NZ goodbye; cheerio

British Dictionary definitions for hoorah (2 of 2)


hooray (huːˈreɪ) or hurray (hʊˈreɪ)

/ (hʊˈrɑː) /

interjection, noun

a cheer of joy, victory, etc


to shout "hurrah"

Word Origin for hurrah

C17: probably from German hurra; compare huzzah
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