or Hov·er·craft

[ huhv-er-kraft, -krahft, hov- ]

noun,plural hov·er·craft.Chiefly British.
  1. ACV.

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How to use hovercraft in a sentence

  • hovercraft wouldn't stand for it, and the Category Military Department would back them.

    Mercenary | Dallas McCord Reynolds
  • He had half a mind to give it all up, here and now, and head on up to Catskill to enlist with Continental hovercraft.

    Mercenary | Dallas McCord Reynolds
  • The hovercraft forces are screening everything they do with heavy cavalry units.

    Mercenary | Dallas McCord Reynolds

British Dictionary definitions for hovercraft


/ (ˈhɒvəˌkrɑːft) /

  1. a vehicle that is able to travel across both land and water on a cushion of air. The cushion is produced by a fan continuously forcing air under the vehicle

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