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  1. a person, animal, or thing that howls.
  2. Also called howler monkey. any large, prehensile-tailed tropical American monkey of the genus Alouatta, the males of which make a howling noise: some species are endangered.
  3. a mistake, especially an embarrassing one in speech or writing, that evokes laughter; a very humorous mistake or a funny blunder.
  4. Informal. something that makes a piercing and often prolonged noise, as an alarm.
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Origin of howler

First recorded in 1790–1800; howl + -er1
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deception, defect, exaggeration, blunder, lapse, misstep, mistake, goof, fault, indiscretion, blooper, inaccuracy, error, gaffe, oversight, flaw, omission, miscue, glitch, misunderstanding

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  1. Also called: howler monkey any large New World monkey of the genus Alouatta, inhabiting tropical forests in South America and having a loud howling cry
  2. informal a glaring mistake
  3. British (formerly) a device that produces a loud tone in a telephone receiver to attract attention when the receiver is incorrectly replaced
  4. a person or thing that howls
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Word Origin and History for howler

1832, "animal that howls," agent noun from howl (v.). Meaning "glaring blunder, ridiculous mistake" is first recorded 1890.

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