[ huhn-drid-fohld ]


  1. a hundred times as great or as much.
  2. comprising a hundred parts or members.


  1. in a hundredfold measure.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hundredfold1

First recorded in 1125–75, hundredfold is from the Middle English word hundredfald. See hundred, -fold

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Example Sentences

If there had been an interest in parenting advice before, the pandemic increased it a hundredfold.

From Time

They’re using Amazon Web Services for data storage and processing, and expect to multiply the amount of annual data collected by several hundredfold within the next four years.

Cinna's former disquiet returned with a hundredfold greater force and took complete possession of him.

May thy vines yield a hundredfold, and men-children play round thy feet!

Her heart was flooded with love and pity for him, a hundredfold intensified now that she knew his secret history.

They clothed us when clothing was bought with blood, and we should be glad to return this warmth, this protection, an hundredfold.

The rapture of the explorer who is the first to set foot on a vast new continent was theirs, magnified a hundredfold.





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