Origin of Hymie

Hym(an) or Yiddish khaim a male personal name (< Hebrew ḥayyīm literally, life) + -ie
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Historical Examples of hymie

  • "I'm an anthro-apologist, Hymie, like Mr. Kipling," the Captain said.

    Blind Man's Lantern

    Allen Kim Lang

  • "I never seen nothing like it," he reported to his friend, Hymie Solomon.

    Little Aliens

    Myra Kelly

  • And you know as well as I do, Hymie, selling goods never was work to me.

  • Hymie's a good feller, Mawruss, and a smart business man, too.

  • "I hope them diamonds is worth it," he murmured, handing the check to Hymie.

Word Origin and History for hymie

"Jewish male" (derogatory), by early 1980s, apparently originally among black Americans, from common Jewish masc. proper name Hymie, a pet form of Hyman, from Hebrew, literally "life" (the masc. counterpart of Eve).

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