1. the singing or the composition of hymns or sacred songs.
  2. hymns collectively, especially the collective hymns of a specific religion, place, or period.

Origin of hymnody

1705–15; < Medieval Latin hymnōdia < Greek hymnōidía chanting of a hymn, equivalent to hýmn(os) hymn + ōidía singing (aoid- sing (see ode) + -ia -ia)
Related formshym·nod·i·cal [him-nod-i-kuh l] /hɪmˈnɒd ɪ kəl/, adjectivehym·no·dist, noun
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  1. the composition or singing of hymns
  2. hymns collectively
Also called: hymnology
Derived Formshymnodical (hɪmˈnɒdɪkəl), adjective

Word Origin for hymnody

C18: from Medieval Latin hymnōdia, from Greek humnōidia, from humnōidein to chant a hymn, from hymn + aeidein to sing
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