/ (ˈhaɪpəˌkjuːb) /

  1. maths a figure in a space of four or more dimensions having all its sides equal and all its angles right angles

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How to use hypercube in a sentence

  • Counting the number of cubes that compose the hypercube we find that there are eight.

    The Mystery of Space | Robert T. Browne
  • The hypercube or tesseract is described by moving the generating cube in the direction in which the fourth dimension extends.

    The Mystery of Space | Robert T. Browne

Scientific definitions for hypercube


[ pər-kyōōb′ ]

  1. An object resembling a three dimensional cube but having an arbitrary number of dimensions (typically more than three, although cubes and squares can be considered hypercubes in three and two dimensions). Each corner or node of a hypercube is equidistant from every other. The number of corners in a hypercube is equal to 2n, where n is the number of dimensions. Diagrams and models of hypercubes of four or more dimensions are not real hypercubes any more than a diagram of a cube is an actual cube, but they do depict the manner in which the corner points are connected. See also tesseract.

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