[ tes-uh-rakt ]

  1. the generalization of a cube to four dimensions.

Origin of tesseract

1885–90; <Greek tésser(es) four + aktís ray

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How to use tesseract in a sentence

  • Something—something like a Klein Bottle—or a tesseract—or maybe both of them together.

    What Rough Beast? | Jefferson Highe
  • A line has one dimension, a square has two, a cube has three, and a tesseract has four.

    Wait for Weight | Jack McKenty
  • A cube can be unfolded into six squares, and a tesseract unfolds to eight cubes.

    Wait for Weight | Jack McKenty
  • The hypercube or tesseract is described by moving the generating cube in the direction in which the fourth dimension extends.

    The Mystery of Space | Robert T. Browne
  • When pressure is applied, it folds up into a tesseract so that it takes up less room and relieves the pressure.

    Wait for Weight | Jack McKenty

Scientific definitions for tesseract


[ tĕsə-răkt′ ]

  1. A four-dimensional hypercube, having sixteen corners. See more at hypercube.

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