adjective Informal.

of, relating to, or designating a person, group, or organization of mixed origin or identity: an Irish-American club and other hyphenated organizations.

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Origin of hyphenated

First recorded in 1890–95; hyphenate + -ed2

Related formsun·hy·phen·at·ed, adjective


[verb hahy-fuh-neyt; adjective, noun hahy-fuh-nit, -neyt]

verb (used with object), hy·phen·at·ed, hy·phen·at·ing.

to join by a hyphen.
to write or divide with a hyphen.


of or relating to something of distinct form or origin that has been joined; connected by a hyphen.


Informal. a person working or excelling in more than one craft or occupation: He's a film-industry hyphenate, usually listed as a writer-director-producer.

Origin of hyphenate

First recorded in 1850–55; hyphen + -ate1

Related formshy·phen·a·tion, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for hyphenated



containing or linked with a hyphen
mainly US having a nationality denoted by a hyphenated word, as in American-Irish
mainly US denoting something, such as a professional career, that consists of two elements, as in singer-songwriter




(tr) to separate (syllables, words, etc) with a hyphen
Derived Formshyphenation, noun

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Word Origin and History for hyphenated



1881, from hyphen + -ate (2). The earlier verb was simply hyphen (1814). Related: Hyphenated; hyphenating. Hyphenated American is attested from 1889.

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