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[hahy-poth-ik, hi-]
  1. Roman and Civil Law. a mortgage or security held by a creditor on the property of a debtor without possession of it, created either by agreement or by operation of law.
  2. (in some modern legal systems) a security interest created in immovable property.
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Origin of hypothec

1585–95; earlier hypotheca < Late Latin < Greek hypothḗkē deposit, pledge, mortgage (akin to hypotithénai to deposit as pledge). See hypo-, theca
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Historical Examples

  • He is also in favour of the abolition of the laws of entail and hypothec.

    Western Worthies

    J. Stephen Jeans

  • Hypothec, hī-poth′ek, n. in Scotch law, a lien or security over goods in respect of a debt due by the owner of the goods.

British Dictionary definitions for hypothec


  1. Roman law Scots law a charge on property in favour of a creditor
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Word Origin

C16: from Late Latin hypotheca a security, from Greek hupothēkē deposit, pledge, from hupotithenai to deposit as a security, place under, from hypo- + tithenai to place
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