ichneumon fly

or ich·neu·mon·fly

[ ik-noo-muhn-flahy, ‐nyoo‐ ]

  1. any of numerous wasplike insects of the family Ichneumonidae, the larvae of which are parasitic on caterpillars and immature stages of other insects.

Origin of ichneumon fly

First recorded in 1705–15

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How to use ichneumon fly in a sentence

  • What of the infinite goodness of God in teaching the grub of the ichneumon-fly to eat up the cabbage caterpillar alive?

    God and my Neighbour | Robert Blatchford
  • Apparently the ichneumon fly (Ophion obscurum), and not the true sawfly, is meant.

    A Thin Ghost and Others | M. R. (Montague Rhodes) James
  • Many of the caterpillars are destroyed by a little Ichneumon-fly.

    American Pomology | J. A. Warder
  • I examined numbers of them, and found the scarlet egg of the ichneumon fly under many of the shards.

  • A large Ichneumon-fly has been found hunting after the worms, and is considered their natural enemy.

    American Pomology | J. A. Warder

British Dictionary definitions for ichneumon fly

ichneumon fly

  1. any hymenopterous insect of the family Ichneumonidae, whose larvae are parasitic in caterpillars and other insect larvae

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