[ ahy-duh ]
/ ˈaɪ də /


Mount, a mountain in W Turkey, in NW Asia Minor, SE of ancient Troy. 5810 feet (1771 meters).Turkish Kaz·da·ği [kahz-dah-gee; Turkish kahz-dah-uh] /ˌkɑz dɑˈgi; Turkish ˌkɑz dɑˈʌ/.
Modern name Mount Psi·lo·ri·ti [Greek psee-law-ree-tee] /Greek ˌpsi lɔˈri ti/. the highest mountain in Crete. 8058 feet (2456 meters).
a female given name: from a Germanic word meaning “happy.”

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International Development Association.

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a suffix of the names of orders and classes: Arachnida.

Origin of -ida

< New Latin, taken as neuter plural of Latin -idēs offspring of < Greek; see -id1

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/ (ˈaɪdə) /

noun Mount Ida

a mountain in central Crete: the highest on the island; in ancient times associated with the worship of Zeus. Height: 2456 m (8057 ft)Modern Greek name: Idhi
a mountain in NW Turkey, southeast of the site of ancient Troy. Height: 1767 m (5797 ft)Turkish name: Kaz Daği

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International Development Association

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