or I·thun, I·thunn

[ ee-thoon ]

nounScandinavian Mythology.
  1. a goddess, keeper of the apples of youth and wife of Bragi; abducted by the giant Thjazi, from whom she was rescued.

Origin of Idun

<Old Norse Ithunn; perhaps derivative of ith deed, feat

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How to use Idun in a sentence

  • Then came the giant Thjasse in the guise of an eagle, seized Idun and flew away with her to his home in Thrymheim.

  • The asas were ill at ease on account of the disappearance of Idun,—they became gray-haired and old.

  • But he became frightened, and promised to bring Idun back from Jotunheim if Freyja would lend him the falcon-guise that she had.

  • Thjasse told Loki that he could not go unless he would promise to bring the Apples of Idun.

  • Already his mischievous heart was planning how he might steal Idun away.

    In The Days of Giants | Abbie Farwell Brown

British Dictionary definitions for Idun



/ (ˈiːdʊn) /

  1. Norse myth the goddess of spring who guarded the apples that kept the gods eternally young; wife of Bragi

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