1. a combining form representing ilium in compound words:


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Example Sentences

The ones that have been thus fed at a woman's breast are called ilio poli, and are most esteemed.

"It is Ilio Island," she answered, with that same dreamy voice.

The capsule has three thickened bands, of which the most important is the ilio-femoral or Y-shaped ligament of Bigelow.

On comparing the ilio-tibial band of the fascia lata on the two sides, it is found to be relaxed on the side of the injury.

In arthritis deformans, however, the ilio-tibial band of the fascia lata is not relaxed as it is in fracture.


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Words That Use Ilio-

What does ilio- mean?

Ilio- is a combining form used like a prefix representing the word ilium, a bone that makes up the broad, upper portion of the hipbones. It is used in some medical terms, especially in anatomy.

Ilio- comes from the Latin īlium, “side,” “flank,” and, in the plural, “entrails, guts.” This Latin root is also the source of the intestinal term ileum, whose specific form probably resulted from some confusion with a Greek word. Learn more at our Origin sections for ilium and ileum.

The ilium should not be confused with the ileum, a division of the intestines. Nor should ilio- be confused with ileo-, the combining form for ileum.

Examples of ilio-

One example of a term from anatomy that features the combining form ilio- is iliofemoral, “relating to the ilium and the femur.”

The first part of the word, ilio- means “ilium,” as we know. As you may have guessed, the -femoral portion of the word means “relating to the femur,” also known as the thighbone. Iliofemoral, then, simply means “relating to the ilium and the femur.”

What are some words that use the combining form ilio-?



What are some other forms that ilio- may be commonly confused with?

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The word coccygeal means “relating to the coccyx,” less technically known as the tailbone. With this in mind, what does iliococcygeal mean?