[ ih-mit-i-guh-buhl ]

  1. unable to be mitigated; not to be mitigated.

Origin of immitigable

1570–80; <Late Latin immītigābilis. See im-2, mitigate, -able

Other words from immitigable

  • im·mit·i·ga·bil·i·ty, noun
  • im·mit·i·ga·bly, adverb

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How to use immitigable in a sentence

  • The moment was tense with the agony of human bitterness against the immitigable despatch of death.

    The City of Delight | Elizabeth Miller
  • He knows and he despises with active and immitigable contempt the shallowness and fickleness of the multitude.

    Shadows of the Stage | William Winter
  • The Tyro sought out his deck-chair and relapsed into immitigable boredom.

    Little Miss Grouch | Samuel Hopkins Adams
  • But he was a man also of immitigable veracity in his dealing with the material of his art, in his handling of life itself.

    Inquiries and Opinions | Brander Matthews
  • Her marriage had been an immitigable error which she had spent her life in trying to look straight in the face.

    Roderick Hudson | Henry James

British Dictionary definitions for immitigable


/ (ɪˈmɪtɪɡəbəl) /

  1. rare unable to be mitigated; relentless; unappeasable

Derived forms of immitigable

  • immitigably, adverb
  • immitigability, noun

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