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[ im-plan-tey-shuhn ]


  1. the act of implanting.
  2. the state of being implanted.
  3. Pathology.
    1. the movement of cells to a new region.
    2. metastasis, when spontaneous.
  4. Medicine/Medical. the application of solid medicine underneath the skin.
  5. Embryology. the attachment of the early embryo to the lining of the uterus.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of implantation1

First recorded in 1570–80; implant + -ation

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Example Sentences

By this point, the embryo is ready for implantation into the uterus, which kicks off the whole development process.

The highly invasive nature of the implantation procedure means the devices are still only used for research in a very small number of patients.

Using a test that resembles implantation into a uterus but in a culture dish, the blastoids attached and continued to develop, with some reorganizing into structures that mimic the next stage of development.

They used 8,789 time-lapse videos of developing embryos to train an algorithm that predicts the likelihood of successful embryo implantation.

Using the antibiotic envelope led to an additional 40 percent reduction in major device-related infection during the first year after implantation.

From Ozy

Studies have repeatedly shown that Plan B ok “does not inhibit implantation.”

Even if morning-after pills prevented implantation, they would still work as intended: as safe contraception, not abortion pills.

Since the FDA approved Plan B in 1999, repeated studies have shown the drug does not inhibit implantation.

IUDs, also named in the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga suits, almost certainly can inhibit implantation.

They do not, for example, refuse to cover birth control pills, many of which the FDA also warns could stop implantation.

(b) Solid Inoculum (or the implantation of capsules containing fluid cultivations).

During the implantation of conjugial love, the love of the sex inverts itself, and becomes the chaste love of the sex, n. 99.

The pricking of the needle may carry in epithelium and implantation dermoids may arise.

Its line of implantation at the forehead was usually concealed by the hair itself.

He changed death into life,—taking away the sting—the implantation—of it, which is sin.