[ verb im-plant, -plahnt; noun im-plant, -plahnt ]
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verb (used with object)
  1. to put or fix firmly: to implant sound principles in a child's mind.

  2. to plant securely.

  1. Medicine/Medical. to insert or graft (a tissue, organ, or inert substance) into the body.

  1. Medicine/Medical.

    • any device or material, especially of an inert substance, used for repairing or replacing part of the body.

    • medication or radioactive material inserted into tissue for sustained therapy.

  2. Dentistry.

    • an artificial tooth that has been inserted permanently into the jaw.

    • a metal framework attached to the bones of the jaw for supporting artificial teeth.

Origin of implant

First recorded in 1535–45; im-1 + plant

Other words from implant

  • im·plant·er, noun
  • un·im·plant·ed, adjective

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How to use implant in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for implant


verb(ɪmˈplɑːnt) (tr)
  1. to establish firmly; inculcate; instil: to implant sound moral principles

  2. to plant or embed; infix; entrench

  1. surgery

    • to graft (a tissue) into the body

    • to insert (a radioactive substance, hormone, etc) into the tissues

  1. anything implanted, esp surgically, such as a tissue graft or hormone

Derived forms of implant

  • implanter, noun

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Scientific definitions for implant


  1. (ĭmplănt′) Something that is placed, usually surgically, within a living body, as grafted tissue or a medical device, such as a pacemaker.

  1. To become attached to and embedded in the maternal uterine lining. Used of a fertilized egg.

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