in situ

[ in sahy-too, -tyoo, see-; Latin in sit-oo ]
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adverb, adjective
  1. situated in the original, natural, or existing place or position: The archaeologists were able to date the vase because it was found in situ.

  2. Medicine/Medical.

    • in place or position; undisturbed.

    • (especially of a malignant tumor) in a localized state or condition: carcinoma in situ.

Origin of in situ

First recorded in 1730–40, in situ is from Latin in sitū literally, “in place”

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British Dictionary definitions for in situ

in situ

/ Latin (ɪn ˈsɪtjuː) /

adverb, adjective(postpositive)
  1. in the natural, original, or appropriate position

  2. pathol (esp of a cancerous growth or tumour) not seen to be spreading from a localized position

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Cultural definitions for in situ

in situ

[ (in seye-tooh, in sit-ooh) ]

In the original place or arrangement: “The body was left in situ until the police arrived.” From Latin, meaning “in position.”

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