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[ in-kuhm-ing ]


  1. coming in; arriving:

    the incoming tide.

  2. newly arrived or received:

    incoming mail; incoming orders.

  3. succeeding, as an officeholder:

    the incoming mayor.

  4. accruing, as profit.
  5. entering, beginning, etc.:

    all incoming students.

  6. Chiefly British. immigrant.
  7. Scot. ensuing.


  1. the act of coming in; arrival; advent:

    the incoming of spring.

  2. Usually incomings. funds received; revenue.


/ ˈɪnˌkʌmɪŋ /


  1. coming in; entering
  2. about to come into office; succeeding
  3. (of interest, dividends, etc) being received; accruing


  1. the act of coming in; entrance
  2. usually plural income or revenue

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Word History and Origins

Origin of incoming1

Middle English word dating back to 1275–1325; in, coming

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Example Sentences

“We’re trying to make it easy,” said LeBlanc, adding that the next class of incoming first-year students will be given reusable water bottles when they move onto campus.

Maybe incoming offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn can rediscover Goff’s old magic, and all those first-rounders just beef up the talent level around him.

Every four or eight years, the incoming administration resets America’s policy priorities.

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The incoming Administration has a responsibility to drive systemic change on hunger and nutrition, and that starts with the food system.

From Time

The company then placed a lien on the hospital’s incoming payments.

But go look at the list of the 11 new incoming GOP senators and Google around about them.

“The incoming Republican majority in the Senate was built on opposition to executive amnesty,” said Holler.

Hutchinson, the incoming governor, has said he needs time to decide what his position is on the plan.

At times, the incoming Reagan administration seemed to blame the victims.

More than 40 percent of incoming freshman said that a campus visit and social activities affected their choice.

Outside Derby station was a ticket platform at which all incoming trains stopped for the collection of tickets.

Naturally, my mind dwells happily just now upon our incoming New Army formations.

There is certainly a marked distinction between the oaths of the outgoing and incoming creeds.

Since the establishment of the station all incoming travellers had been obliged to pay customs duties at this point.

She herself had been most carefully trained concerning manners of incoming and outgoing.


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