[ in-kred-uh-buhl ]
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  1. so extraordinary as to seem impossible: incredible speed.

  2. not credible; hard to believe; unbelievable: The plot of the book is incredible.

Origin of incredible

First recorded in 1375–1425; late Middle English word from Latin word incrēdibilis.See in-3, credible

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Other words from incredible

  • in·cred·i·bil·i·ty [in-kred-uh-bil-i-tee], /ɪnˌkrɛd əˈbɪl ɪ ti/, in·cred·i·ble·ness, noun
  • in·cred·i·bly, adverb

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British Dictionary definitions for incredible


/ (ɪnˈkrɛdəbəl) /

  1. beyond belief or understanding; unbelievable

  2. informal marvellous; amazing

Derived forms of incredible

  • incredibility or incredibleness, noun
  • incredibly, adverb

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