[ in-kred-uh-blee ]
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  1. in a way that is extraordinary, seemingly impossible, or difficult to believe; incredulously: Incredibly, we have already raised $750.

  2. very; extremely: Your hair will be left incredibly soft, supple, and shiny.I found the incredibly uncomfortable seats a real distraction—tall people beware.

Origin of incredibly

First recorded in 1500–10; incredib(le) + -ly

usage note For incredibly

Incredibly and, somewhat less commonly, incredulously can both be used to mean “unbelievably,” as in It was an incredulously/incredibly expensive flight. They both share the roots of in, meaning “not,” and crēdere, meaning “to believe,” so this shared meaning of “not able to be believed” is rooted in their etymology. Beware, however: they both also have other senses that are not synonyms. Incredibly can mean “very” or “extremely,” but incredulously is not used that way: This is an incredibly exciting moment for me. Incredulously can mean “disbelievingly,” but incredibly is not used that way: She stared at the painting incredulously, skeptical of its veracity .

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