[ in-det-id ]
/ ɪnˈdɛt ɪd /


committed or obligated to repay a monetary loan: He was indebted to his friend for a large sum.
obligated for favors or kindness received: He was indebted to her for nursing him through pneumonia.

Origin of indebted

1175–1225; in-2 + debt + -ed2; replacing Middle English endetted < Old French endetté, past participle of endetter to involve in debt (see en-1)
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/ (ɪnˈdɛtɪd) /

adjective (postpositive)

owing gratitude for help, favours, etc; obligated
owing money
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Word Origin and History for indebted



late 14c., endetted "owing money," past participle of endetten "to indebt, oblige," from Old French endetter "to involve in debt," from en- "in" (see in- (2)) + dette "debt" (see debt). Figurative sense of "under obligation for favors or services" first attested 1560s. Related: indebt; indebtedness. Latin indebitus meant "not owed, not due."

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