[ in-kwahyuhr-er ]
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  1. a person who asks a question or seeks to learn about something, often someone whose character it is to do so:The answer to any question is available within a second or two on the Internet, but it's up to the inquirer to evaluate the validity of the answer.Any inquirer into scientific truth must be absolutely confident that the whole world makes a certain kind of sense.

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How to use inquirer in a sentence

  • We do not read of any remarkable philosophical inquirer until Thales arose, the first of the Ionian school.

  • The earnest, chummy attitude of the inquirer made Molly feel at ease, and also anxious to please.

    In the Onyx Lobby | Carolyn Wells
  • The reverend gentleman gave his rustic inquirer a kick, adding, ‘Did you feel that?’

    East Anglia | J. Ewing Ritchie
  • There is in all both a suppressio veri and a suggestio falsi, which makes the honest inquirer almost entirely reject their books.

  • Nor do we act thus, reluctantly, for we believe that every honest inquirer will thank us for the introduction.