[ noun in-set; verb in-set ]
/ noun ˈɪnˌsɛt; verb ɪnˈsɛt /
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verb (used with object), in·set, in·set·ting.

to set in or insert, as an inset: to inset a panel in a dress.
to insert an inset in: to inset a mounting with jewels.



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Origin of inset

before 900; Middle English insetten to insert, Old English insettan to initiate; see in-1, set
insetter, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for inset


verb (ɪnˈsɛt) -sets, -setting or -set

(tr) to set or place in or within; insert

noun (ˈɪnˌsɛt)

something inserted
  1. a small map or diagram set within the borders of a larger one
  2. another name for insert (def. 4)
a piece of fabric inserted into a garment, as to shape it or for decoration
a flowing in, as of the tide
insetter, noun
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