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[ in-sis-tuhns ]


  1. the act or fact of insisting.
  2. the quality of being insistent.

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Other Words From

  • nonin·sistence noun
  • over·in·sistence noun
  • super·in·sistence noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of insistence1

First recorded in 1605–15; insist + -ence

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Example Sentences

Many of the leaders we heard from said new modes of work must be built around an insistence on the kind of flexibility and allowances companies have granted employees during the pandemic.

From Digiday

Huawei spokesman Glenn Schloss declined to comment on Zwicky’s remarks but repeated the company’s insistence that it doesn’t support discrimination and had taken The Post’s report seriously.

Yours was a polite compromise and probably the best solution at the time, given your guest’s insistence.

The problem is that guards and other gatekeepers frustrate these policies with their insistence on maintaining the power imbalances that a lack of pads or tampons creates.

From Fortune

This focus on collaboration is also where the group’s insistence on anonymity comes from.

Prematurely retired in early 1940, Hobart was brought back at the personal insistence of Churchill.

Eventually I gave way to Bunny's insistence and lost my virginity, appropriately enough, in H.G. Wells's spare bedroom.

Her younger sister was removed from school as well, at the insistence of her new family.

He was very clear in his insistence that Americans are not dumb.

We're partly to blame, too, what with our insistence on compartmentalizing the people in our lives.

And in his heart the name of the poem repeated itself with significant insistence: Unwelcome!

There was that in the baby's tone, in the unbaby-like insistence of its bright eyes, which compelled obedience.

Crozier spoke without passion and with a coldblooded insistence not lost on Burlingame.

The coalition was paralysed by discord and by the insistence of its members on the pursuit of different objects.

There was considerable correspondence, and mutual insistence, though always with conventional courtesy of language.


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