[ in-stingk-tiv-lee ]
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  1. in a way that is innate, unlearned, or not under conscious control:A smiling mouth raises the pitch of the voice, which is instinctively perceived as less dominant and more approachable.My few friends were often unavailable for play, so I instinctively turned to the family dog.

  2. in a way that stems from natural insight or inclination; intuitively: The exhibits are intended to be used instinctively, and the instructions and explanations are easy to understand.

Origin of instinctively

  • Also in·stinc·tu·al·ly .

Other words from instinctively

  • half-in·stinc·tive·ly, adverb
  • non·in·stinc·tive·ly, adverb
  • non·in·stinc·tu·al·ly, adverb
  • sem·i-in·stinc·tive·ly, adverb
  • un·in·stinc·tive·ly, adverb

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